Tabular Debugging View in Bloc

Imagine the following situation: I am trying to parse a simple csv line with a parser that seems to be failing. The inspector kindly tells me every match that was found within the string. But can I u

Fine-grained committing and extending Nautilus

When you want to commit changes with Monticello, you have essentially two ways: Monticello Browser (or Nautilus) Komitter The problem with Monticello is that it is really an all-or-nothing solution…

Switch to metadata-less gitfiletree

tl;dr: add "Metadata" : "false" to project root’s .filetree commit the change in every image with the repo: open Monticello Browser, right click on the repository and select Flush

Nautilus Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Nautilus has a lot of different keyboard shortcuts; you can see some by right clicking on some things (classes, methods, …), and you can see more by clicking on the small v triangle in top-right corn

Overheating ThinkPad

This is not a Pharo post at all, instead it’s a story of an overheating laptop. Actually, it’s mostly for my future reference in case I would need to do something similar ever again. But if you are in

How to use git and GitHub with Pharo

Update 2017: This guide remains here for historical reasons. I no longer recommend using GitFileTree, you should jump straight into using Iceberg. As far as I can tell (at the time of the writing any

Deploying Pharo builds from Travis over ssh

Some time ago I wrote how you can Test Pharo projects with Travis; but what if you wanted to deploy the created image? That’s what this post is about… or rather one of the ways. Travis offers native s

Wizard builder Merlin

Moose has this nice library for building wizards called Merlin. Unfortunately there’s really no documentation apart from couple of examples. Because I need to use this library (I’m sick of creating f

Changing source code from tests

Right now I work a lot with code generation and reflectivity and often I need to change source code of a class to test some behavior. But if I change it, then I also need to change it back, which is a

Custom method icons

In Nautilus (System Browser) you can have a wide range of icons accompanying the methods, such as: go the the parent (children) method execute test / example / script method is abstract / contains h